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Detective and Security Services

We may now say that there is not a single sphere of human activities where it would not be possible to make use of services offered by private detectives.

We can see that - in countries where private detective services have a much longer tradition than in the Czech Republic - in order to solve or avoid troubles, it is much more economical and effective to hire an experienced security agency.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality, not only based on the safe custody of the investigation process, but also on the client's free choice of using the information acquired. Nevertheless, the detective work is the predominant activity in our company, we also provide surveillance of objects in either single events or permanently, including the security policy for the organization of sporting, social and other events.

The offer of our detective services may be divided into two groups:

  1. "Typical" detective services, i.e.:
    • Search for missing people and item, including collection of items subject to leasing contracts
    • Screening of employees and candidates (according to world statistics, approximately every one in three candidates submints incorrect information concerning his/her education, experience, criminal record, etc.)
    • Investigation into property status of people and corporations, necessary for succesful recovery of debts (the so-called Due Diligence)
    • Screening of business partners, their reliability, solvency, internal relationships in companies, etc.
    • Investigation pertaining to possible insurance frauds
    • Screening of applicants for credits and other financial services involving certain risks
    • Protection of intangible rights, search for origin of goods and people involved in imitation, copying or falsification of goods and trademarks
    • Services of hotel and store detectives (on single occasions or permanently)
  2. Special security-releated services:
    • Personal protection of persons (body guarding)
    • Secret transport of people, with contra shadowing
    • transport VIPs luxury cars chrysler.png
    • Transportation precious or important client objects, documents, etc., including abroad
    • Monitoring momevent and activities of indentifield people, GPS also
    • Vehicle monitoring using GPS
    • Secret appointment of detectives under various circumstances
    • Investigation in trade networks (Mystery Shopping)
    • Commercial intelligence
    • Protection from leakage of information (particularly from eavesdropping)
    • Desing and installation of CCTV systems, including monitoring of the recordings
    • Project for complex security and protection of companies, and their implementation, including crisis management plans
    • Procesing of methodologies and other materials, including instructional films pertaining to security
    • Ensuring safety during sports and cultural events.
    • We are ready to offer a number of additional services, depending on the client's needs and wishes